Lego SPIKE Prime eBooks

eBook #1: «Let’s roll SPIKE»


This eBook is an unofficial Lego Education SPIKE Prime guide for Lego WeDo users, Scratch programmers and new users of educational robotics. Its purpose is to familiarize the readers with the active elements of SPIKE and through simple activities to stimulate exploration and creativity. It focuses on the movement of robotic vehicles by adding to each section new programming and operating elements. The readers examine that way the programming environment and the operation of the robot one step at the time.

eBook #2: «Let’s roll SPIKE – STOP CORONAVIRUS Edition»

This book includes four Lego SPIKE Prime projects (building and programming instructions) that were inspired from the fight against coronavirus.

  • Project 1 is a thermometer that measures patient temperature from a distance.
  • Project 2 is a helicopter that can carry a patient fast to the nearest hospital.
  • Project 3 is a robotic nurse that can autonomously deliver medication to the patient’s room.
  • Project 4 is a lab analysis tool that checks if a patient is positive or not to coronavirus.

available_at_amazon_1200x600_Nvz5h2MYou can see more details about the projects on YouTube

eBook #3: «Let’s roll SPIKE – Leonardo Da Vinci Flying Machine»

Da Vinci seemed truly excited by the possibility of people soaring through the skies like birds. One of da Vinci’s most famous inventions, the flying machine (also known as the «ornithopter») ideally displays his powers of observation and imagination, as well as his enthusiasm for the potential of flight [1].

This unofficial Lego SPIKE Prime eBook presents the building instructions (using a single SPIKE kit) and the code of da Vinci’s unique flying machine. Combining mechanics and block programming to implement this project the students take their skills to a new level.

Photos of the project:





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